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Motorcycle lubricants ELF MOTO 2 XT TECH 1L.

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Motorcycle lubricants ELF MOTO 2 XT TECH 1L. Two-Stroke Engine
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MOTO 2 XT TECH is a technological concentrate, specially developed for 2-stroke motorcycles of demanding mechanics. This high-range product is suitable for the harsh conditions of urban traffic and to resistance in all terrain. Provides good resistance to shearing and supports extreme conditions of use.
MOTO 2 XT TECH is perfectly compatible with unleaded fuels. This high-quality lubricant is the elixir of power to its motorcycle, has been designed to procure you an ease of use: prediluted and blue for the separated grease and the mixture. The oil content has to be adapted to the recommendations of the builders.
MOTO 2 XT TECH is a high technology100% synthetic lubricant, ensuring security and high range engine provision, even in extreme conditions of use. ESTER Formulation. This product has been subjected to the most severe competitive tests with success. ELF has been the leader already for many years in competency and innovation in the subject of tribology in international circuits, its knowledge of how to guarantee the superior MOTO 2 XT TECH quality. The formula is in accordance with international specifications. (SAE 30) fluid viscosity on the MOTO 2 XT TECH facilitates mixability between the lubricant and fuel. The homogeneous mixture ensures a constant lubrication quality.
MOTO 2 XT TECH responds to the " Anti-deposits" technology which works on the deposit formation and actively reduces the contamination of the exhaust system and smokes (Smokefree). Exceeds the level required by the specification ISO-L-EGD (International Standards Organization).
MOTO 2 XT TECH greatly exceeds the requirements of the API TC, JASO FD (property stronger detergent) levels.

Type Two-Stroke Engine
Characteristics Synthetic
Capacity Capacity 1
Option Unique Option

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