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Motorcycle oil filter HIFLOFILTRO HF116

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Motorcycle oil filter HIFLOFILTRO HF116
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HIFLOFILTRO factory air and oil filters for vehicles since 1963. With more than four decades' experience, the constant research and development and the modern production facilities, manufacturing today, of the best oil filters and air filters in the world.
The oil filter on the motorcycle or scooter, is a vital element in the life of the engine that combined with the air filter is responsible for containing abrasive particles that the latter is unable to stop, as well as the metal particles coming from the wear of our motorcycle engine's moving parts.
The air filter on the motorcycle or scooter, another vital element, is responsible for containing particles of dust suspended in the air. For example, the absence of these, would be the passing of 10 grams of dust per hour to the inside of the cylinders. In this way an extremely dirty air filter, can shoot the fuel consumption and dramatically reduce the performance of the engine.
HIFLOFILTRO sells a wide range of oil filters and motorcycle air filters for scooters, quads and atvs and within the range, we can find oil filters for moto paper, cartridge type, metal moto oil filters and on some models, in general specifically for motorcycles like Harley Davidson, chrome-plated metal. Air filters are paper or foam.
All HIFLOFILTRO filters comply with the manufacturers requirements, are manufactured in accordance to their specifications, fit perfectly and in some vehicles are the original equipment.

  • HM CRE F (PE05) 450 2004
  • HM CRE F 4T (Honda) 250 2004-2008
  • HM CRE F Motard 4T (Honda) 250 2004
  • HM CRE F R 450 2005-2009
  • HM CRE F X 500 2009
  • HM CRE X 250 2004-2006
  • HM CRE X 500 2009
  • HM CRE X IE 250 2007-2009
  • HM CRE X IE 450 2007-2008
  • HM CRE X IE 490 2007-2008
  • HM CRF R SM / CRMF R 250 2004-2009
  • HM CRF R Supermotard 450 2004
  • HM CRM F R 450 2005-2009
  • HM CRM FX IE (ZENF25XJMC) 250 2007-2008
  • HM CRM FX IE (ZENF29XJMC) 290 2007-2008
  • HM CRM X IE 450 2007-2008
  • HM CRM X IE 490 2007-2008
  • HONDA CRF F (ME09) 230 2003-2010
  • HONDA CRF F Easy Motard (ME03) 230 2004-2006
  • HONDA CRF R 150 2007-2013
  • HONDA CRF R (ME10/ME10A) 250 2004-2013
  • HONDA CRF R (PE05) 450 2004-2014
  • HONDA CRF R Expert 150 2007-2013
  • HONDA CRF X (ME11) 250 2004-2013
  • HONDA CRF X (PE06) 450 2005-2013
  • HUSQVARNA TC 250 2009-2013
  • HUSQVARNA TE 250 2010-2013
  • HUSQVARNA TE 310 2011-2013
  • HUSQVARNA TXC Cross Country 250 2010-2013
  • HUSQVARNA TXC Cross Country 310 2012-2013
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