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Motorcycle body armour MOVEO BLACK CARBON NECK BRACE

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Motorcycle body armour MOVEO BLACK CARBON NECK BRACE Neck
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MOVEO Brace Carbon is a motorcycle protection device that, together with a full-face helmet, reduces neck injuries caused by hiper-flexion, hiper-extension, axial load, shear load, lateral hiper-flexion and whiplash, limiting rotation and transferring excessive load from the neck to the rest of the body, through his rigid frame.

The base of this neck brace model is CARBON, material used as reinforcement of the technical thermoplastic composing the frontal frames and, mainly, as fabric for the AMC Composite, main component of the rear frame. Together with Kevlar, it makes this model one of the lightest and safest motorcycle protection device in the market, reducing fatigue in long trips and improving comfort.

The different coupling possibilities with clothing (velcro, straps, etc) and the innovative flexible hinge design (FHD) lets the user put on and remove this device easily, together with his usual clothing, and allows the use of the MOVEO neck Brace Carbon in your daily commuting and besides, to practice motocross, adventure tours or racing activities.

Thanks to his design, the system fits up to 4 different sizes (S,M,L,XL) without necessity of changing or removing parts.

· Weight:
- 723g

· Materials:
- Rear frame (AMC Composite): Carbon and Kevlar multilayer Composite
- Frontal frames: carbon fiber reinforced polyamide
- Surface foam: ERF crosslinked composite
- Hinges (FHD Technology): elastomeric PP
- Quick coupling system: Utramate by Velcro
- Mechanisms and moving systems: POM

· Sizes:
- Range of use: Chest contour from 80 up to 125 cm
- Integrated size regulation system. Changing parts is not needed
- 4 sizes

· Elements included in the pack:
- Moveo Neck Brace Carbon
- Instruction manual
- Bag to preserve the Moveo Neck Brace
- TF - Straps
- Moveo jacket strap KIT
- Allen tool to adjust different sizes.
- Zip extender of 50mm

Colour Black
Type Neck
Characteristics Protectors

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